Bi-Partisan Balanced Budget Ends Historic Impasse
July 6, 2017 - CLDC LMCC LECET
As of July 6 Illinois finally has a balanced bi-partisan budget after two years of devastating impasse thanks to legislators from both parties in the House and Senate. The balanced bi-partisan budget restores funding to IDOT projects so that Laborers…
Layoffs Begin as State Shuts Down Road Projects
July 3, 2017 - CLDC LMCC LECET
The Illinois Department of Transportation has suspended projects as of July 1 due to the lack of a state budget. This shutdown impacts highway, rail, transit and aeronautics projects that involve contracts that have been let and awarded by the state,…
Governor Rauner Threatens Thousands of Construction Jobs
June 28, 2017 - LMCC
Wayne Hedley, construction Laborer, to Governor Rauner, “Please, don’t forget about me and my family.” June 30 is a crucial deadline for roughly 30,000 construction workers and their families in Illinois because if Governor Rauner d…
IDOT Shutdown Could Cost Thousands of Jobs and Millions of Dollars
June 20, 2017 - LECET
A protracted shutdown of planned road and bridge projects could shrink the Illinois economy by nearly $2 billion on net, eliminate 23,000 jobs, and cost taxpayers up to $270 million over the next year. A new study by the Illinois Economic Policy Inst…
¿Qué es una ley de derecho al trabajo?
June 15, 2017 - CLDC
¿Qué es una ley de derecho al trabajo? "Derecho al trabajo" es el nombre de una política diseñada para quitar los derechos de los trabajadores. Los defensores del derecho a las leyes de trabajo afirman que estas leyes prot…
What Are Right-to-Work Laws?
June 15, 2017 - CLDC
What Are Right-to-Work Laws? “Right to work” is the name for a policy designed to take away rights from working people. Backers of right to work laws claim that these laws protect workers against being forced to join a union. The reality …
The Legislative Attack on American Wages and Labor Standards
June 8, 2017 - CLDC
One of Gov. Rauner's first executive actions in 2015 was to overturn many of Gov. Quinn's executive orders protecting workers and wage standards including one that encouraged state agencies to use PLAs (project labor agreements). Gov. Rauner has also…
Illinois Lawmakers Pass Workers' Compensation Reform
May 30, 2017 - CLDC
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Senate Democrats made good Friday on their pledge to pick apart the workers' compensation system at the behest of Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, but the measures they approved brought only derision from the GOP.
Right-to-Work 101: Why These Laws Hurt Our Economy, Our Society, and Our Democracy
May 25, 2017 - CLDC
Since his election over two years ago, Governor Bruce Rauner has refused to sign any budget unless the legislature gives into a list of demands he has made for several non-budgetary "reforms" that he claims will spur business development and job grow…
Most Voters Support Prevailing Wage on Public Infrastructure Projects
May 18, 2017 - CLDC
Washington, D.C: A new national survey shows that strong majorities of Democrats and Republicans each oppose the elimination of prevailing wage laws...