House GOP Majority Wants to Gut Bipartisan Infrastructure Program/IIJA

July 25, 2023 - Contractors CLDC LMCC LECET

For those, whose jobs depend on transportation infrastructure investment, take note that the Republican majority in the House wants to completely gut Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure program, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Here’s what Laborers’ Legislative Director David Mallino had to say about it, “The proposed cuts to physical infrastructure are irresponsible and will result in fewer jobs, more congestion, and less healthy communities.  Unfortunately, the appropriations process has been hijacked by partisan extremists and LIUNA will work to see that these cuts are rejected.”

They are literally bragging about their proposal to cut: 59% from mass transit and rail construction projects, such as the one Illinois is using to rehab Chicago’s Union Station, $876 million from Amtrak, bringing it down to the level of 20 years ago, the Federal Railroad Administration would get $1.451 billion…$1.952 billion below the FY23 enacted level and $3.318 billion below the President’s budget request; and slash $356 million in funding to combat global warming, including a ban on $26 million for the Transportation Department to buy electric vehicles for its fleet; and eliminate two special transportation grant programs, worth a combined $800 million, among other cuts. Here’s the full article: