A Solemn Salute to Our Armed Forces

November 11, 2022 - Contractors CLDC LMCC LECET

A Message from LIUNA General President, Terry O'Sullivan

On this Veterans Day and Remembrance Day, we solemnly and gratefully salute our veterans for their honor, courage, and patriotism. The men and women who serve and have served in our armed forces across the United States and Canada are a constant reminder of the sacrifices of those who proudly, faithfully, and honorably protect our democracy and our freedom. Many veterans are wounded, taken prisoner, or make the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for the good of our countries. It is their dedication, commitment, and loyalty – many of them LIUNA members and loved ones of LIUNA members – that form the bedrock of our two great nations.

Time after time, they have answered the call for Americans, for Canadians, and for people around the world. It is our duty to ensure that when they return home, they and their families have access to health care and economic opportunities. It is unacceptable that too often veterans struggle to meet their basic needs when their service ends. Veterans should be able to return to their families to live in prosperity with good family-supporting jobs and access to top-notch health care.

On behalf of myself, General Secretary-Treasurer Armand E. Sabitoni, the entire LIUNA General Executive Board, and each of the half-million men and women of LIUNA, I thank the veterans in our lives, in our union, and in our countries. We are forever in their debt.