LIUNA Launches COVID-19 Resources Page for Locals & Members

April 9, 2020 - CLDC

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is a challenge, unlike anything we have faced before in the history of our great International Union.  It threatens not only our health, and the health of our loved ones, but the construction industry, the global economy, and much of our very way of life.  To help you meet this challenge, and keep you and our members and their families safe, LIUNA has put together an online clearinghouse of COVID-19 resources at

This new web page includes a wide range of resources to help you respond to this outbreak, including:

  • Internal guidance for LIUNA affiliates;
  • Information and updates about our federal advocacy efforts;
  • Health and safety information and resources;
  • Training programs and information;
  • Links to government resources.

You can read the full letter from LIUNA General President Terry O'Sullivan here.