Signup to Volunteer for Lori Lightfoot for Mayor

March 20, 2019 - CLDC

Members can now signup online to volunteer for Lori Lightfoot's campaign for mayor. Click the link to sign up now! Volunteer Signup

Lori Lightfoot is committed to supporting collective bargaining, prevailing wage, project labor agreements, job opportunities for Laborers, and protecting workers' rights and our pensions. In turn, we are asking you and your family to vote for her for Mayor.

We need all hands on deck to help Lori win!

Click on the link to sign up for a date and time to volunteer at one of the many campaign offices throughout the city.

The Runoff Election is Tuesday, April 2nd. Early Voting is now open through April 1.

Vote for your union-endorsed candidate, Lori Lightfoot for Mayor, and all our endorsed candidates.