Thank You

March 21, 2018 - CLDC

To all Business Managers, Agents, Officers, Staff, and Members:

Last night candidates endorsed by Labor won key races all across the State.  Thank you to all the Locals and their members who worked hard these past five months to help elect candidates who share our values and our way of thinking.

Thanks to your efforts, JB Pritzker won the primary and will be facing off with Bruce Rauner in the November General Election. JB is the best candidate to beat Bruce Rauner and you made his victory possible.

Thank you for showing up when called upon and putting in the hours necessary to pull off decisive victories for our endorsed candidates including: Kwame Raoul for Attorney General, Dan Lipinski for the 3rd Congressional District, and many other Congressional, Senate, House, and county-wide candidates who are going to fight alongside us to protect our jobs, wages, health care and pensions.

JB and Kwame proudly acknowledged the help they received from Labor in their victory speeches last night. Don’t think for a moment that our involvement as an organization didn’t make a difference in the outcome of all these races. Thanks once again, to everyone who participated and helped make this a successful Primary Election.

As you know, we are under siege by a well-financed and aggressive enemy that wants to destroy everything Labor stands for. We’ve won the battle but the war is just beginning. To claim victory this fall we will have to engage more members and work even harder.

We must all get in this fight together and build a movement in support of organized Labor that goes beyond the next election.


James P. Connolly                             Charles V. Lo Verde, III
Business Manager                             Secretary-Treasurer