Holiday Week Notification for Four (4) Ten (10) Hour Shifts

Notice must be submitted to LIUNA Chicago Laborers’ District Council in order to schedule four (4) tens (10) during holiday weeks.

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**Unless the Employer is delinquent in the payment of fringe benefit fund contributions or working dues, has failed to comply with a JGC or arbitration award, or is in violation of JATC rules, in weeks that have designated holidays, but not more often than six (6) times per year, the Employer may schedule four (4) consecutive ten (10) hour work days at straight time. The four (4) ten-hour workdays can be nonconsecutive if the other trades working alongside the Laborers are working the same schedule. In order to use this alternate work schedule, the Union and the Employees must have notice no later than four o’clock pm on the preceding Friday. The notice to the Union shall be through the District Council’s web portal.

Prevailing Wage Disclaimer: Please be advised, an approved Holiday Week Request pursuant to the terms of your Company’s collective bargaining agreement does not supersede the wage rates mandated by State and Federal prevailing wage laws. As a result, while the District Council may grant the Company’s request to work 4 consecutive 10-hour shifts at straight time rate, prevailing wage law may not permit the same.


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