Request For Occupied Space Shift

Data entered via this form will be submitted to LiUNA - Chicago Laborers’ District Council. Requesters must be covered by the building provisions of the BAC, CAICA, CAWGC, FVGCA, GLCA, MCA, and/or MWCC Agreements. Contact your Association regarding coverage questions.

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Note: All employees working this shift must receive eight (8) hours pay for seven (7) hours worked. Laborers working through lunch on this shift must be compensated one additional hour of pay in addition to pay for all hours worked. Any and all work in excess of seven (7) hours must be paid at a rate of double time. An Employer who violates the requirements for this shift shall pay as a penalty double time for all hours worked.

The District Council will forward all preliminarily approved requests to the appropriate Local Union. The Local Union will contact the Contractor to schedule the pre-job conference and this form will be sent back with determination. A pre-job conference must take place prior to utilization of the adjusted shift.