Property Tax Payment Relief

May 19, 2020 - CLDC

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, some counties in the area are offering extensions on the due dates of property taxes. Listed below are the new property tax payment due dates for properties located in DuPage, Kane, McHenry, and Cook Counites. Other counties in the area are still deciding on relief options.

DuPage County -- The County Board is offering a 1st half 2019 pay 2020 property tax late payment penalty waiver from June 1 through September 1, based on certain qualifying criteria that require the filing of an application, which is posted on the DuPage County Treasurer's website. Property taxes paid through escrow are not subject to relief. For now, the September 1 deadline for the second installment of property taxes will remain unchanged.

Kane County -- The County Board granted a 30-day waiver of interest penalty for the first installment of property taxes. 2019, payable 2020, tax bills are being mailed May 1. The first installment, due June 1, will be accepted without late penalty interest payments if paid on or before July 1. The second installment is due September 1.

McHenry County -- The County Board approved an ordinance giving taxpayers until September 15, or 90 days after the June 15 tax bill due date, to pay their first installment without penalty. The ordinance only delays late fees on the first installment and does not apply to property taxes paid through escrow. The second installment due date remains September 1.

Cook County -- The County Board has tentatively approved waiving penalty interest payments on the second installment of the 2019 property taxes payable 2020 if paid on or before October 1. Essentially, the second installment of the 2019 property taxes payable 2020 will not be due until October 1.

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